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Reclaim Your Body After 40 by Clara Mosha.

A 90 Day Jump Start Plan To Get You Stronger, Fitter & Healthier In Your Midlife Years And Beyond.

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Who Is Clara Mosha?

Clara is the creator of ULTIMATE PHYSIQUE TRAINING where she helps women over 40 years old and in their mid-life years reclaim their bodies and life back.
She is also a mother of 3 boys. Her first son is aged 28 whom she had back in 1990. Then, in 2015, at 48 years old she gave birth to her twin boys. They currently aged 3.5 years old.
Clara is a former Masters Figure Competitor and begun her bodybuilding career back in 2009 at age 42.
Clara is in her 50's and lives a very healthy and active lifestyle which she has maintained for over 20 years. She strives to be an example of what she teaches as she lives and breaths health, fitness and vitality.
Over the years she has discovered that her passion is to help women in her age range who are struggling with common issues such as midlife weight gain, menopause, lack of strength & fitness.
She has coached literally hundreds of women over the last few years both in a one-on-one and group capacity. Her clients span from the ordinary women to female athletes who compete in Bikini, Figure, Fitness Competitions......all who are looking to totally transform their bodies.
Clara’s mission is to help & inspire women to build a stronger, fitter & healthier version of themselves in their 40's, 50's 60's & beyond AND rewrite the current MIDLIFE STORY!


How Clara Helps Her Clients

"My body is toned, lean, beautifully shaped…..I FINALLY had a “6 packs, yeah! I become a fitness model competitor… I placed 5th in the Fitness Model over 35’s category and was awarded as the Best Butt award!"

Leny Etienne
UPT Client

"My jelly belly & back fat has gone and my upper body and legs are more toned…..I actually have definition….. my confidence is back in bucketfuls I have dropped two dress sizes"

Thelma Mensah
UPT Client

"My looks are amazing! ……….now I can’t walk passed a mirror without admiring myself. I have the visible abs and shapely shoulders I have always dreamed of and chest and back definition as a bonus!"

Sandra Lake
UPT Client

"I am so happy with my physique. Its been an awesome journey and I have learnt loads about my body."

Sarah Godwin
UPT Client

"My abs were looking good, my whole shape had totally changed! For me the big change was in my legs!! I'm a personal trainer so it's given me more confidence to help others achieve the same goals I have!"

Katy Roberts
UPT Client

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